PME External Projection

One of the aspects that characterize the Millennium Nucleus CMS, is the development of scientific research excellence, whose results not only impact the national and international scientific community, through the generation of publications in international scientific journals, but also to the community in general. That is why the CEM has focused its efforts on the dissemination of scientific and productive school-level knowledge to:

a) To increase interest, knowledge and appreciation of the community on insect biodiversity and its role in nature
b) Introduce the community the effect of insects on human activities such as agriculture.

The CEM, as part of its outreach activities and assessment of science and with funds awarded in the “Activities of the external projection for Project Science Institutes and Nuclei of Science Initiative Program Goals (ICM)” competition, has conducted talks in different educational establishments in the Maule region; a club and Scientific School; activities under the program “1000 1000 scientists classrooms” in collaboration with Par Explore Maule; itinerant photographic exhibitions and mobile laboratories of entomology: ” Fascinating Bichitos” and the exhibition of “Tiny”.


With these objectives, the CEM seeks to position itself as a source of knowledge for development and / or strengthening of scientific expertise in the school community (students and teachers), as well as a reference for the selection of sustainable strategies for insect which are agricultural pests, control.

To contribute to school knowledge and skills using the scientific method, CEM, supports the Science Club “Aphids to Work” Juan Luis Sanfuentes School of Talca.

The Club won first place in the 2014 Regional Scientific School Research Support Club Competition, an Associative Regional Conicyt Explorations Project Initiative, which is executed in the Maule from the University of Talca. In addition, the Science Club received an honorable mention for its outstanding contribution to Scientific and Technological Fair 2014 at the University of Talca.

This club is led by Professor Juan Concha and consists of 40 students of different levels who develop research projects and dissemination and appreciation of science using insects, particularly aphids as a study model. Among the activities developed by this club include participation in school science fairs, visits to the National Reserve Ruiles, and visits to the Natural History Museum located in Santiago.

The CEM has collaborated in activities of the Regional Explorations Conicyt Associative Project, including: “Itinerant photographic exhibitions entomology”

This activity executed by the Par Explore and supported by the MEC, was to display explanatory images of insects as well as pictures of insects with emphasis on endemic species of our country associated with cultural activities or scientific dissemination.

2015 we were present at:

  • February 14, 2015: Constitution Square, “La Vega Science”
  • February 14, 2015: Plaza de Chanco, “La Vega Science”
  • 14 and 15 March 2015: Talca, Used book fair
  • 6 to 9 November 2015: Teatro Municipal Parral


Mobile laboratories of entomology: “ Fascinating Bichitos”

Yerbas Buenas

The activity “Fascinating Bichitos” carried out by Par Explora-Maule, supported by CEM through the material delivery necessary for its development was led by Mr. Cristian Muñoz, Technical Laboratory of Entomology, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences University of Talca. This activity approached students from schools in the Maule region to the world of entomology so that they can see part of the entomological collection owned by the Laboratory of Entomology and know the most important aspects of insects.

These schools participated in 2015:

  • November 18, 2015, “Henri Cetty School” in Molina
  • November 7, 2015, ” Juan Ignacio Molina School” in Talca
  • October 2, 2015 “Copihue School” in Linares
  • September 24, 2015 “Hector Pinochet School”, in Linares
  • August 20, 2015, “Gerardo Rodriguez Ortuzar School” in Romeral
  • August 13, 2015, “Luis Ambrosio Concha School”, in Yerbas Buenas
  • August 12, 2015 “Quillipín School” in Yerbas Buenas
  • June 15, 2015, “The Figeroa School” in Pencahue
  • May 29, 2015, “Porvenir School”, Rio Claro City Hall
  • May 13, 2015 “Management and Trade School”, in Curicó



Exhibition of “Diminutos”

CEM supports the exhibition of “Diminutos” by Par Explora Maule, this activity took place in the Extension Center of the University of Talca during the winter of 2014.

In this audiovisual exhibition attendees learned about the main aspects related to the Chilean entomology.


The CEM has established several partnerships with producers and companies involved.

Samplings of insect pests. Share information on insect pests in premises and management by culture, chemical and biological control.

Trials designed to test new compounds with insecticidal action.


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