Insect-Plant Interaction Laboratory


Air chambers, which are equipped to keep raisings of aphids and other insects that allow their study without having to depend on the environmental conditions or the influence of other environmental factors. Since aphids are herbivorous insects, it also has a greenhouse where the plants that they require for food are grown.

Molecular Biology Laboratory


The laboratory has the necessary equipment to carry out studies on a molecular scale insects, such as the characterization of genotypes or gene expression studies for both the material collected in the field, as the one that has been raised under controlled conditions.

Insect Biology Laboratory


The lab also has adequate conditions for conduct trials, where the behavior of aphids is studied, as well as their natural enemies or the interactions that occur between them, and which by their nature, would be very difficult to study in the countryside.

Agricultural Entomology Laboratory


Together with the Laboratory of Phytopathology and with which make up the Plant Health Laboratory of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Talca. This laboratory has the facilities and equipment necessary to conduct research on the mechanisms of insecticide resistance in insects that are agricultural pests.

U de Talca ICM


Institute of Biological Sciences
Lircay Campus of the University of Talca.
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