Proyectos Asociados

Proyectos Fondecyt actualmente en ejecución:

2015 – 2018. Evolutionary history of colobanthus quitensis and its associated microorganisms: implications for understanding present biogeographic patterns, adaptation to environmental change and interactions with glacial cycles. NERC-CONICYT. Investigador Responsable: Marco Molina Montenegro

2015 – 2018: Differential analysis of chemosensitive protein repertories in two native species of pest scarab beetles: cues for behavioral manipulation to crop protection FONDECYT de Iniciación 11150721. Investigador Responsable: Rubén Palma

2014-2017: Evaluating the role of Antarctic root-endophytes on the ecophysiological performance, environmental tolerance and yield in Lettuce crops. FONDECYT 11140607. Main Research: Marco Molina

· 2013-2017: Molecular mechanisms underpinning host-adaptation in a parasitoid wasp: a novel approach to increase the efficacy of biological control. FONDECYT 1130483.Main Research: Christian Figueroa

· 2013-2017: Genetic diversity and phenotypic plasticity of “superclones” of main aphid pest species in Chile: searching for causes of their success. Fondecyt 1131008. Main Research: Claudio Ramirez

2013 – 2016: Effect of water availability on the interaction of tomato and the greenhouse whitefly T. vaporariorum. FONDECYT de Iniciación 11130433. Investigador Responsble: Jaime Verdugo


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